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The Zipper Book

Posted on: July 19, 2013

Zipper bookBookstores and libraries are one of my favourite hideouts that I could spend countless of hours there without noticing. Books not only could enrich my knowledge, skill and even could be a great lesson that I could learn from others experiences.

Have some spare time today, thus as usual, I went to library to look for some treasures. And I found this. A zipper bag. This book is written in Chinese is all about using zips, needle and threads that could turn them into pouches, bags and even a hat! I was amused by such a wonderful creation that I borrowed the book immediately. Inside the book, there are some colour pictures showing the preparation of zip, techniques of sewing the simple pouch and how to combine two different colours of zips to make a colourful pouch. While the rest of the instructions for each pattern are printed in black and white.

Without any delay, I decided to make one for my friend whose birthday is around the corner. Following the step by step pictures without looking at the chinese wordings, had guided me to sew the pouch successfully. Though I do admitted that some steps really do require me to figure out how to proceed for sewing the first time. But i do believe the pouch making process would be smoother and faster after some hands-on experience in making it. I had also modified the design with a little ribbon attached to it to make it looks more feminine. Zip it up to become a pouch.Image

I have yet try out to make other designs as taught in the book. But I would definitely love to make another one again with what I had learnt! 🙂


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