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Who Moved My Cheese

Posted on: August 15, 2013

Who moved my cheese?

The book that I like to share today is ‘Who Moved My Cheese’ by Spencer Johnson. It is a simple parable that reveals the truths about the changes. And is an amazing way to deal with changes in work and life.

The author wrote about four characters that consist of two mice, Sniff and Scurry, and the other two little people, Hem and Haw. They lived in a ‘maze’ happily eating their cheese until one day, the cheese got lesser and gone! The author further describe how each of the four characters faced the unexpected changes when the cheese was gone. And how one of them eventually deals with it successfully, hunt the new ‘cheese’ and wrote his experience on the maze walls.

I found that this book is quite motivated. Have to imagine that the cheese that mentioned in the book is the metaphor for what you want in life and the maze is like what you looking for in the working organisation, family or community that you live in. When you flipped through the pages, you would get to see the handwriting on the maze wall that is written. It acts like a pointer on how to deal with changes so as to feel less stress and more success for achieving goals in life. Be ready to change quickly and enjoy it again! Hope you will read and like this book.


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