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The Glenda Clutch

Posted on: August 31, 2013

Hippy! I shouted when I received the book which I bought it online finally! Although it took quite sometimes to reach me, I liked the feeling of opening the letter box each day hoping to see it appeared inside the small little box.

The book that I bought was ‘Bags the Modern Classics’ by Sue Kim. I like the uptown clutch that is features on the cover page of the book and want to make one for myself. It consists of 19 projects that has multiple variations for more than 75 different stylish ways to carry it all. Flipping through the book, I indeed like most of the designs that are taught in the book with free bags patterns provided as well.

Bags the Modern Classics

To start of, I chose to make the glenda clutch that is stated as one of the easiest bag to make in the book. I selected a pink polka dots fabric to go with a maroon coloured lining to it. During the process of making, I do encountered some problems such as I do not have any magnetic snap as needed for the fastener of the glenda clutch. I do not wish to stop halfway leaving it undone, thus, a press stud is used instead. I manage to solve each problems occurs and finally I have my own glenda clutch.To finished, a round gem is added on the flap of the glenda clutch. A sweet and cute clutch is produced. Each time when I see this clutch will reminds me the result of not giving up. I feel proud of myself!
Polka Dots Glenda Clutch


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