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My Little Black Dress

Posted on: September 17, 2013

Feeling excited when my friend invited me to her wedding dinner. I was searching for a dress to wear on that day but sad to see there isn’t any dress that could suit my apple-shaped body. 😦 Time is running out and I did not have time to shop around. Online shopping could not possible to reach me in time for any last minutes shopping.

Just as I was about to give up, the image of a black coloured dress that I wore when I was pregnant time suddenly flashes in my memory. I went on searching and, finally, I found it! Without any delayed, I put it on and found that it was just too lengthy on me. Oh no! I’m really looked like I’m expecting again!

I decided to change to a more desire length. Instead of cutting it short, I decided to sew some gathers at the sides of dress. It not only could shorten the length but also could create a more dreamy look with the outer lace on it. Not only that, it could also able to hide my flaws as now it draw the attention to my sides rather than my tummy! :p

My Little Black Dress


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