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How to get things done without trying too hard

Posted on: September 30, 2013

How to get things done without trying too hard

Just finished reading this books, “How to get things done without trying too hard” by Richard Templar. This rule book is described as the wise and brilliant antidote to procrastination. It is a manual for getting more works done and it is also the best and simplest guide to enable you to find time to do all those little things which need to do, but usually could not be bothered. 

I used to put things off previously from day to day giving myself excuses such as not enough time to complete them and even wish I could have granted an hour extra every day to finish them. Still, I do not have any extra hours and the day to complete the tasks did not really arrive. The task builds up into a huge mountain which I found myself even harder to clear it in the end. I began to try some of the ways that were shared by the author in the book and I found that the methods mentioned do works on me. Taking for an example, I do not really like to iron the clothes and only do it only when it is necessary. The author taught us to visualize the complete task instead. Thinking of the fully iron clothes in the wardrobes to choose from every day with no limitation makes me feel more eagerness to iron all the clothes at once. And ironing would never be a difficult task anymore!

With his unique blend of originality, wisdom and common sense, the 100 clever, quickly, simple and pain-free ways to assist in getting more things done and complete them with the minimum of time and effort. I feel more organized; everything seems to be in my control and could even enjoy my free time peacefully without worrying that there are things which need to be done later. 🙂 



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