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Me Without You

There are several ways to express love to your loved ones by saying how much you love them and how life would be if without them. Well, this little book ‘Me without You…’ by Lisa Swerling and Ralph Lazar is definitely a must have books to express love in an another way.

This book features countless of colour illustrations of scenarios that simply incomplete without two. The entire content of the book would describe if me without you, how life would be in a short, cute and sweet ways. Some of the quotes are ‘…Sky without Blue, Kung without Fu and etc’. It is an unqiue way of expressing love to your love ones that you might not think of earlier.

It is definitely one of a best gift for Valentine, wedding anniversary or special occasion present given to your love ones. To get the message across loud to them how much you love them.



After making the flora Glenda clutch, I love this flora print fabric so much that I decided to make another project using this. My sister likes flora print too, thus, I decided to use this fabric to made a sanitary napkin pad pouch specially for her.

With a sample available, I would need to figure out how to sew the pouch. It is definitely a challenge to me as there isn’t any patterns nor any sewing instructions provided. ┬áThe sample of the pouch consists of three pockets which makes the type of material used become one of an important factor to consider. Thick fabrics are definitely not a choice for this as it will made it more bulky with the sanitary napkin pads in.

With several times of attempts, I finally and proudly present this handmade gift specially to my sister. Each attempts enables me to learn from my mistakes. And it is another project that had proven to me not to give up easily if not I could not enjoy the success of making it. At least the chances of success would be higher rather than giving up would cause immediate failure instead!

Sanitary napkin pad pouch

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