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Wow! I found this Harumika toys in a shopping mall, and without hesitate, I purchased three right away for myself. Thinking, I could be able to learn dressmaking through this. Harumika Toys Each box comes with a  mannequin, some materials and accessories for you to design and share in their website. Most importantly, it does not require you to cut or sew and can get the design create instantly! Wow that sound really  magical right? Yes it did! I tried it out and is true. Just need to wrap the clothes to the body of the mannequin, slot each sides of clothes into the silicon at the back of mannequin with the help of the stylus, and, it could hold the clothes in place. You could add some more material to layer and accessories such as laces, belt or stickers to create new designs. Futhermore, it does not restricted to the provided materials only. Any leftover fabrics that you have, could use to create new look too. Sound great right! How it works? Without further delay, I had also created some designs which can be seen in the following pictures below. My thought of this is marvellous! It helps me in designing and enables me to visualise the outcome of the design virtually even before sewing. Wow! This is definitely a great toy for me! Design 1 Design 2



There are times in our life that we might be feeling depressed over something that happened to us. We will feel sad for being hurt and really need a cooling period before we could really stand up confidently again!

Something happened to me recently that made me feel depressing. For that moment, I tried to look for some motivation quotes, hoping that after reading them would makes me feel happier. However, I was wrong! I was feeling even more depressed as most of the quotes stated that if you could try your very best, your efforts would pay off. This might not be true in the currently complex world. Not only effort, luck and the opportunity must be really at your side before you could succeeded.

Although this incident really hurt me badly, but I was glad that I was able to know the truth! Every failure does not mean it coming to end of the world. It might be a new beginning for me! We have to ensure we could stand up confidently again and go towards our goals. This is where the motivation books comes about giving me the power of beliefs!


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