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Strengths Finder 2.0

This book, Strengths Finder 2.0 by Tom Rath, labelled in red bold title with white background, caught my attention immediately and I decided to borrow it.

We are often encourage to try our very best in whatever things we are doing since young. Even we have failed to perform the tasks well, we will continue to work harder in order to reach our goal. Most books that I had read, would quote some live successful examples to motivate readers not to give up. They also give readers the thought of continuing to strive for the better in order to create their own successful stories just like what they had read. Sadly, few would actually succeed as they are actually devoted more time to fix at their shortcomings instead. The reason for failure is individual themselves do not really know they are actually focusing on their shortcomings. Hence, the author encourages readers to discover what is their natural talents and to spend their time to develop their strengths instead! With the natural talents and times committed to practise on the strength, would be a lot easier than to learn things which we are weak at. Thus, I do agree with the author on this and personally feel that it is really important that we could discover what is our natural talents. But how do? The author introduce Gallup, that is an online assessment to assist reader to discover their talent. With that, there are hundreds of strategies included in the books as well to apply your strengths and change the way you look at yourself and the world around you.

Unfortunately, it is a pity that I could not go for the online assessment as it requires an unique access code which somehow not included at the end of the book for borrowed books. Thus, I would not be able to know which top 5 types that I belong to. But I do consider of buying one later just for the access code to uncover what is my talents is. Hope you soon discover your own talent too!



There are times in our life that we might be feeling depressed over something that happened to us. We will feel sad for being hurt and really need a cooling period before we could really stand up confidently again!

Something happened to me recently that made me feel depressing. For that moment, I tried to look for some motivation quotes, hoping that after reading them would makes me feel happier. However, I was wrong! I was feeling even more depressed as most of the quotes stated that if you could try your very best, your efforts would pay off. This might not be true in the currently complex world. Not only effort, luck and the opportunity must be really at your side before you could succeeded.

Although this incident really hurt me badly, but I was glad that I was able to know the truth! Every failure does not mean it coming to end of the world. It might be a new beginning for me! We have to ensure we could stand up confidently again and go towards our goals. This is where the motivation books comes about giving me the power of beliefs!


Me Without You

There are several ways to express love to your loved ones by saying how much you love them and how life would be if without them. Well, this little book ‘Me without You…’ by Lisa Swerling and Ralph Lazar is definitely a must have books to express love in an another way.

This book features countless of colour illustrations of scenarios that simply incomplete without two. The entire content of the book would describe if me without you, how life would be in a short, cute and sweet ways. Some of the quotes are ‘…Sky without Blue, Kung without Fu and etc’. It is an unqiue way of expressing love to your love ones that you might not think of earlier.

It is definitely one of a best gift for Valentine, wedding anniversary or special occasion present given to your love ones. To get the message across loud to them how much you love them.


It has been quite sometimes that I last read and shared the book” How to get things done without trying too hard” in September 13. I went to library to pick a book to read during the Chinese New Year festive, and I found this little paperback book with huge prints and pictures in it. Title of this book is called “It’s not how good you are, It’s how good you want to be.” By Paul Arden. What attracts me to borrow this book is at the back of the book describe ” … ‘Bible’ for the talented and timid to make the unthinkable thinkable and the impossible possible”. It sounds great right!

After completed reading the book, there are a few points which I think will be great for me to share. Firstly, having a goal is not enough, you must have a vision of where, who and how great you want to be. Would you like to be the best in the field or best in the world? How far would you like to aim to reach which could make the unthinkable thinkable and the impossible possible during the process as nothing is impossible.

Next pointer is don’t be afraid to share your knowledge to others. Often most people would afraid to share their knowledge to others as they are afraid he or she might overtake them one day. Here, Paul’s view is by sharing your knowledge to others, you will left with nothing and will indirectly forces yourself to look, aware and replenish new knowledge instead. This way, you will obtain more knowledge than compare to others.

This book is certainty a super quick read books that I read so far. It takes about 30mins to an hour depending how fast you could read. Even though some of the pointers mentioned do share the same with other authors, I do think it is still worthwhile reading as could enrich my knowledge within such a short time!

How to get things done without trying too hard

Just finished reading this books, “How to get things done without trying too hard” by Richard Templar. This rule book is described as the wise and brilliant antidote to procrastination. It is a manual for getting more works done and it is also the best and simplest guide to enable you to find time to do all those little things which need to do, but usually could not be bothered. 

I used to put things off previously from day to day giving myself excuses such as not enough time to complete them and even wish I could have granted an hour extra every day to finish them. Still, I do not have any extra hours and the day to complete the tasks did not really arrive. The task builds up into a huge mountain which I found myself even harder to clear it in the end. I began to try some of the ways that were shared by the author in the book and I found that the methods mentioned do works on me. Taking for an example, I do not really like to iron the clothes and only do it only when it is necessary. The author taught us to visualize the complete task instead. Thinking of the fully iron clothes in the wardrobes to choose from every day with no limitation makes me feel more eagerness to iron all the clothes at once. And ironing would never be a difficult task anymore!

With his unique blend of originality, wisdom and common sense, the 100 clever, quickly, simple and pain-free ways to assist in getting more things done and complete them with the minimum of time and effort. I feel more organized; everything seems to be in my control and could even enjoy my free time peacefully without worrying that there are things which need to be done later. 🙂 


Happiness Now!

The book that I would like to share today is ‘Happiness Now’ by Andrew Matthews. There are lots of books out there written on the similar topics on how to be happy and stop worrying. This book attracts me as it is short like the summarise version. What I like the most about the book is it has insert many cartoons in it to make the book more interesting and is more easier to interpret of what it says. It really meant for busy people to read!

This book is about balancing relationships, finding career success,prosperity and peace of mind. The author started off to explain the everyday philosophy on what individuals choose to believe about everyday stuffs in 2 kinds, Academic or Everyday personal kind. Then he went to give some pointers on how to be happy even when the life get tough or things went beyond our control. He elaborate the states the law of life and further points out how to maintain a happy relationships with the people that surround you.

My thought for this book is excellent! It teaches to change the attitude, character and mentality on how to be a happier person. Sometimes when things get tough or does not went smoothly as what you want or expected, don’t feel dishearted. Think positively will make you a happier person. I do note down some of the pointers from the book which I think is a great lesson for me to recap in future especially when feeling down. It enable me to think positively and be a happier person. It also guided me to find my way to happiness path by starting to write this blog. And it is a pleasure for me to share with you such a great book!

I do hope you too will find a chance to read this book in this near future. Do shares with me how this book change you a happier person like I did.

Who moved my cheese?

The book that I like to share today is ‘Who Moved My Cheese’ by Spencer Johnson. It is a simple parable that reveals the truths about the changes. And is an amazing way to deal with changes in work and life.

The author wrote about four characters that consist of two mice, Sniff and Scurry, and the other two little people, Hem and Haw. They lived in a ‘maze’ happily eating their cheese until one day, the cheese got lesser and gone! The author further describe how each of the four characters faced the unexpected changes when the cheese was gone. And how one of them eventually deals with it successfully, hunt the new ‘cheese’ and wrote his experience on the maze walls.

I found that this book is quite motivated. Have to imagine that the cheese that mentioned in the book is the metaphor for what you want in life and the maze is like what you looking for in the working organisation, family or community that you live in. When you flipped through the pages, you would get to see the handwriting on the maze wall that is written. It acts like a pointer on how to deal with changes so as to feel less stress and more success for achieving goals in life. Be ready to change quickly and enjoy it again! Hope you will read and like this book.

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