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Wishing all a Happy Chinese New Year! Huat Ah! $$$$$$




Year 2014 is coming soon in just a few minutes away. It is just like a new, empty book with 365 pages for you to fill in. How would you intend to fill up each pages of yours? Would it be a full of exciting ones? Whatever goals or dreams to be persue in the coming year, wishing all good health and may all the pages of your book is full of exciting one! Cheers!Image


Christmas day is one of my favourite holiday whereby friends and family would get together to enjoy this joyful day. Shopping malls are always pack of people busy shopping for gifts for their beloved ones. Everywhere could see the Christmas decorations even at home.

What surprise me this year is even vehicles also could decorate to have the christmas feel. With these items that made from felt as per the picture shown below, could really make them look alike reindeers running on streets!


Hereby wishing you have a wonderful Christmas Day 🎅🎄 and a Happy New Year! Cheers!!!😃🎉

After making the yellow zipper pouch which I shared earlier on my post on 19th July 2013, I still have another black coloured zip that I had bought earlier. I’m going to make another zipper pouch of my own version!

Zipper pouch- Before

Through my past experience on the last zipper pouch that I had, my thought was how to make it more special so that it does not looks just like an ordinary pouch. I decided to add a luminous pink colour decorative stitches to beautify it.

Zipper pouch-After

The overall effect is what i want! It adds colours to a dull black pouches and I simply loves it!