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Yes! Finally I have open my etsy store!

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Special hand sew Christmas gifts that I had made this year. A 4style designs pouch. Simple feeling satisfaction 😀.

As I was shopping for ribbons, I found this lovely and cute ribbon which have a ‘Made By’ and a cute little picture printed on it. I was thinking it will be good if I have ‘SEW DELIGHTZ’ printed on it and I have my own label! That would be Cool! I grabbed a roll of it without thinking do I really know how to made it.


I lookup the web to explore the ways how I could have the name printed on it.

Using the Microsoft word application, I type the words that I wanted, mirror them, print them on the transfer paper and iron the onto the ribbon.


Finally, I have created my own labels. I could label it on the items that I had made 😀


In my project room, you can found I had made several round macarons previously. It is one of the pouch that I like to made as it requires no sewing machine and I can sew anywhere I go:mrgreen:

This time round, I challenge myself to sew something different. A square macaron with one of my favourite sakura fabric that bought in Japan! The technique of sewing the square and round are about the same. Below are the closer views of my handmade square macaron:


Through this project, I am pretty happy and glad that I did not limit myself for not trying.

Have you wondered whether am I already stopped sewing since I last shared my sewing project in April 2015? Certainly not! Despite busy schedule, I still manage to find sometimes to sew😀


Certainly I need to squeeze more time to share and blog too in the near future. As sharing and exchange feedbacks would definitely allow me to pick up ideas and skills. Today I would like to share with you some of my projects:


–> Glenda clutch w Korea fabric. Instead of press stubs, a metal snap fastener was used this time round making it looks more presentable and easily open and closed with it.


–> Design and sew a sweet pink macaron with a little ribbon on it for my friend. I loved it so much that I simply sew another one with the similar design for myself😝


–> Sweet Zipper pouch. After my very first zipper pouch that I shared in July 2013. A simple and sweet pouch was made.


Out of my 3 projects above, which one do you prefer and like the most. Do share with me😀

Anyone heard of Cath Kidston? They sell a varieties of products such as bags, clothing and many others. What I like about their products are the oilcloth that they used and the print of the fabrics are mostly about the nature such as the flowers, birds and etc.

I was surprised when I saw this book, Cath Kidston Sewing Book, in one of the bookstore here. It consists over 30 exclusive projects with patterns in it. It covers simple projects which items related to travel, kids stuffs, bags and for home too. Furthermore, it comes with the materials available for making the sewing pouch that features on the front cover of the book. Definitely I did grabbed this last book that was displayed on the shelf as I could start making the sewing pouches without any delayed.

Cath Kidston Sewing book

What I liked about the kit is, it provides the fabrics already cut to the sizes and shapes needed. That saves the cutting time for me😝 With the guidance and little bit of visualisation, I have complete this pretty printed pouch😃 Cheers!

Sweet Cath Kidston pouch

Sweet pouch with Mimi

Life is about making choices. We have been making choices since we are young. We choose which food that we like to eat. We choose the schools and subjects that we are interested in. We dress the way we want to be and etc. We have made many choices in life and choices have indirectly create the way we are today.

Although not all the choices are easy to make. It might be tough decision at times when lots of factors are involved. And we need to take sometime to think through thoroughly before any decisions could be made. Sometimes, I would think that we  might have complicated our thoughts that made it a tough decisions.

Be it an easy or tough decisions, the most important things would be we need to be true to ourselves! Sometimes we just simply need to listen and follow your ❤ would lead to your choice.

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