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Country styles macaron purse. Bag charm. Coin purse. Jewellery box.


I love this designer cloud 9 fabric and decided to make one small macaron purse with this. Simply love 😍 it!

Special hand sew Christmas gifts that I had made this year. A 4style designs pouch. Simple feeling satisfaction πŸ˜€.

Have you wondered whether am I already stopped sewing since I last shared my sewing project in April 2015? Certainly not! Despite busy schedule, I still manage to find sometimes to sewπŸ˜€


Certainly I need to squeeze more time to share and blog too in the near future. As sharing and exchange feedbacks would definitely allow me to pick up ideas and skills. Today I would like to share with you some of my projects:


–> Glenda clutch w Korea fabric. Instead of press stubs, a metal snap fastener was used this time round making it looks more presentable and easily open and closed with it.


–> Design and sew a sweet pink macaron with a little ribbon on it for my friend. I loved it so much that I simply sew another one with the similar design for myself😝


–> Sweet Zipper pouch. After my very first zipper pouch that I shared in July 2013. A simple and sweet pouch was made.


Out of my 3 projects above, which one do you prefer and like the most. Do share with meπŸ˜€

Me Without You

There are several ways to express love to your loved ones by saying how much you love them and how life would be if without them. Well, this little book ‘Me without You…’ by Lisa Swerling and Ralph Lazar is definitely a must have books to express love in an another way.

This book features countless of colour illustrations of scenarios that simply incomplete without two. The entire content of the book would describe if me without you, how life would be in a short, cute and sweet ways. Some of the quotes are ‘…Sky without Blue, Kung without Fu and etc’. It is an unqiue way of expressing love to your love ones that you might not think of earlier.

It is definitely one of a best gift for Valentine, wedding anniversary or special occasion present given to your love ones. To get the message across loud to them how much you love them.


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