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Truely, times really flies! Today is 31st December 2016 already. Left a few more hours we going to say good bye to Year 2016 and welcome a brand new year 2017!:D🎉

Before year 2017 comes, I like to share what I had sew in year 2016. Though this year is a busy year for me, I had managed to squeeze some times to sew. Below are my sewing projects for the year.  Enjoy and we see you in Year 2017! Cheers!🎉


Yes! After weeks of busy shopping, cleaning and packing for the Chinese New Year, finally, I could have some spare times for myself! I could start to sew which is something that I always looking forward to.

To start with, I decided to sew myself a gift, an inner bag. It is a bag that is lightweight and which I could put in the items such as keys, purse and etc in it that need to bring them everyday. If I thought of changing to carry another bag suddenly, I could simply take out the inner bag and put it into the bag that I want to carry. This way, I could simply skipped the steps of taking items by items out to put into another bag. Isn’t it convenient and also could save me a lot of time packing.

I remembered that one of the book that I shared earlier, the 48 popular handmades, do taught how to sew the inner bag. Without delayed, I chose the fabrics and began to sew. Feeling satisfied with the finished inner bag as shown in the picture below. Now, I have a new inner bag to use for the brand new year. 🙂

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