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Truely, times really flies! Today is 31st December 2016 already. Left a few more hours we going to say good bye to Year 2016 and welcome a brand new year 2017!:D🎉

Before year 2017 comes, I like to share what I had sew in year 2016. Though this year is a busy year for me, I had managed to squeeze some times to sew. Below are my sewing projects for the year.  Enjoy and we see you in Year 2017! Cheers!🎉


Yes! Finally I have open my etsy store!

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Special hand sew Christmas gifts that I had made this year. A 4style designs pouch. Simple feeling satisfaction 😀.

Have you wondered whether am I already stopped sewing since I last shared my sewing project in April 2015? Certainly not! Despite busy schedule, I still manage to find sometimes to sew😀


Certainly I need to squeeze more time to share and blog too in the near future. As sharing and exchange feedbacks would definitely allow me to pick up ideas and skills. Today I would like to share with you some of my projects:


–> Glenda clutch w Korea fabric. Instead of press stubs, a metal snap fastener was used this time round making it looks more presentable and easily open and closed with it.


–> Design and sew a sweet pink macaron with a little ribbon on it for my friend. I loved it so much that I simply sew another one with the similar design for myself😝


–> Sweet Zipper pouch. After my very first zipper pouch that I shared in July 2013. A simple and sweet pouch was made.


Out of my 3 projects above, which one do you prefer and like the most. Do share with me😀

My 2nd Christmas project that I wanted to make will be something more simpler when compare to my first christmas project, macaroons coin pouch. I thought and finally decided to make a tissue cover.

Before I started to sew, I tried to visualise the steps and figure out the simplest way to make the tissue cover. I decided to skip the decorative binding at the opening of the tissue cover since I’m using the christmas printed fabric for this. With that, I started my sewing!

It is really easy and I could finished sewing it for less than half an hour! Feeling delighted, I continued to make one from each of the Christmas fabrics that I bought! Now, I could dress a packet of tissue paper with these tissue covers😀

Tissue Covers

After making the flora Glenda clutch, I love this flora print fabric so much that I decided to make another project using this. My sister likes flora print too, thus, I decided to use this fabric to made a sanitary napkin pad pouch specially for her.

With a sample available, I would need to figure out how to sew the pouch. It is definitely a challenge to me as there isn’t any patterns nor any sewing instructions provided.  The sample of the pouch consists of three pockets which makes the type of material used become one of an important factor to consider. Thick fabrics are definitely not a choice for this as it will made it more bulky with the sanitary napkin pads in.

With several times of attempts, I finally and proudly present this handmade gift specially to my sister. Each attempts enables me to learn from my mistakes. And it is another project that had proven to me not to give up easily if not I could not enjoy the success of making it. At least the chances of success would be higher rather than giving up would cause immediate failure instead!

Sanitary napkin pad pouch

Remember I shared the Glenda Clutch that I made earlier (click here to see), is a pink polka dots fabric I used which is suitable for girls. Decided to made another one with a more feminine look. This time round I decided to use flora print fabric instead. See the end result for the picture below. Which one would you prefer?

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