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It has been quite sometimes that I last read and shared the book” How to get things done without trying too hard” in September 13. I went to library to pick a book to read during the Chinese New Year festive, and I found this little paperback book with huge prints and pictures in it. Title of this book is called “It’s not how good you are, It’s how good you want to be.” By Paul Arden. What attracts me to borrow this book is at the back of the book describe ” … ‘Bible’ for the talented and timid to make the unthinkable thinkable and the impossible possible”. It sounds great right!

After completed reading the book, there are a few points which I think will be great for me to share. Firstly, having a goal is not enough, you must have a vision of where, who and how great you want to be. Would you like to be the best in the field or best in the world? How far would you like to aim to reach which could make the unthinkable thinkable and the impossible possible during the process as nothing is impossible.

Next pointer is don’t be afraid to share your knowledge to others. Often most people would afraid to share their knowledge to others as they are afraid he or she might overtake them one day. Here, Paul’s view is by sharing your knowledge to others, you will left with nothing and will indirectly forces yourself to look, aware and replenish new knowledge instead. This way, you will obtain more knowledge than compare to others.

This book is certainty a super quick read books that I read so far. It takes about 30mins to an hour depending how fast you could read. Even though some of the pointers mentioned do share the same with other authors, I do think it is still worthwhile reading as could enrich my knowledge within such a short time!


Yes! After weeks of busy shopping, cleaning and packing for the Chinese New Year, finally, I could have some spare times for myself! I could start to sew which is something that I always looking forward to.

To start with, I decided to sew myself a gift, an inner bag. It is a bag that is lightweight and which I could put in the items such as keys, purse and etc in it that need to bring them everyday. If I thought of changing to carry another bag suddenly, I could simply take out the inner bag and put it into the bag that I want to carry. This way, I could simply skipped the steps of taking items by items out to put into another bag. Isn’t it convenient and also could save me a lot of time packing.

I remembered that one of the book that I shared earlier, the 48 popular handmades, do taught how to sew the inner bag. Without delayed, I chose the fabrics and began to sew. Feeling satisfied with the finished inner bag as shown in the picture below. Now, I have a new inner bag to use for the brand new year. 🙂


Wishing all a Happy Chinese New Year! Huat Ah! $$$$$$


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